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Original Bedstead - Tulsk Iron Bedstead

One day, several years ago, we chanced upon a design in our archive collection of brass and iron bedstead drawings that had that unmistakable hallmark of a true classic with a subtle elegance that was immediately admired.
This is our interpretation of this truly appealing bed that has proved so popular across the years.
Sometimes true traditional hallmarks are difficult to quantify and yet there can be no doubt that all the style references of this from the sweeping top rail to the delicacy of the detailing, work in a certain unity to deliver a visual treat and wonderful poise.
Whats more these gentle styling qualities are perfectly suited to a charming 3 foot single size option as an enchanting childs bed with a magical fairytale twist or as a inviting addition to any guest room.
Single Bed - 3Ft
Small Double - 4Ft
Double Bed - 4Ft 6in
King Size - 5Ft

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Original Bedstead - Tulsk Iron Bedstead

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