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Protect-A-Bed pioneered the new wave of thin, discreet, breathable and totally waterproof mattress protectors which have now revolutionised the mattress protection market. Protect-A-Bed has continued to innovate and improve mattress protection, launching the first independently and scientifically tested bed bug proof and anti-allergenic encasement system, now successfully patented. There is an increasing awareness today of the importance of mattress and pillow protection for your health. Dust mites are the second most common cause of allergy in the UK and bed bug infestations are rife. Mattresses are the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, giving them the warmth and food that they need to thrive and multiply. Every mattress, new or existing, needs protection to keep it clean, healthy, sanitary and to extend its usable life, protecting both the mattress and the health of the user. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and takes pride in the fact that they recieve thousands of unsolicited testimonials from satisfied customers worldwide. Our promise to consumers is the assurance that there will be no compromise on quality. Our focus and dedication is to provide complete customer satisfaction by producing a product that has no equal. There are few things that we use daily and in such close proximity as our mattress, so...... Protect your mattress, Protect yourself, Protect-A-Bed

Protect A Bed

Protect A Bed - Cotton Cool Mattress Protector
Protect A Bed - Cotton Cool Mattress Protector
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